High School

Grades 10 to 12

The senior high school program is a broad one intended to foster the intellectual, physical, emotional, and cultural growth and development of students. To be successful, the program must have enough flexibility to address the interests and needs of all students as they transition from high school to their first post‐high school destination.

It contains a statement of the purpose, principles, and goals, summarized below, along with the supporting rationale and context. The purpose of KIS education system is to provide for the development of children so that each child may take a meaningful place in society. Basic Principles education is based on a quality program that respects the intrinsic value of the individual and centers on the development of each learner. The education system recognizes that education is a responsibility shared among the school, the family, and the community. The education system reflects the character, cultural heritage, and democratic institutions of the society it serves. The programs in the education system reflect a contemporary view of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are of most worth to the individual and to society.