Admission Policy

At Keystone schools, we believe that every child has the right to education. Every child is unique and has different strengths and areas of improvement. We design our lessons considering and respecting different learning styles. We also believe that academic, social and emotional development are strongly connected to each other. Therefore, after the parent meeting with the principal, we invite candidate students for kindergarten to come and spend some time at school under the supervision of a teacher and guidance counselor.

Our school's language of instruction is English, beginning at age 3.  The main goal of the school is to develop a joy of learning and to make students feel confident about their potential.  If, after meeting with a candidate student, we believe that the student would feel that English is an obstacle to their learning, we give that feedback to the parent about the English proficiency of the child.

English proficiency expectations:

Pre- K - We can accommodate candidate students with no English proficiency.

Kindergarten - We also accommodate candidate students with low English proficiency. However, we also ask for parents' support. We highly recommend that parents enroll their child in an English course during summer time before the academic year starts. We offer such a course for Kindergarten at our Dragos campus.

Primary School and up- We carry out an English and academic assessment to understand the needs of the student. If the child's level of English is an obstacle to learning at an English-medium school, we believe that the child would be unhappy. We give feedback to the parents accordingly.

If we believe that the child's level of English is currently insufficient, but does not represent a major obstacle to learning if some support is provided:

  • We may suggest an English course before the academic year starts.
  • We also offer some English support lessons throughout the year.