University Pathways

Business & Management Pathway

The Business & Management stream is developed for students who aspire to continue their higher studies in Business Administration, Commerce, Finance, International Business & Technology and related programs. The stream encourages students to explore subjects from a global perspective. Students get exposed to various industries, they examine different companies and interact with leaders and entrepreneurs throughout the program.

Students choosing the world of business become aware that people are more dependent on globalized trade and investment. The demand for well-trained business people has grown stronger. All of our students will have some degree of contact with business and management. Ultimately, no matter what their profession, all students will benefit from the entrepreneurship courses, integrated financial literacy units and various other business courses.   

Specialized Courses:

Business Leadership

International Business

Technological Design

Financial  Accounting Principles 

Umut, Class of 2019

Umut is an excellent communicator with a drive to succeed. He likes a challenge and is a competent problem-solver. Umut is planning to study business management studies at Ryerson University.



Athletics Pathway

We specialize in helping athletes reach their academic potential while training for a possible entry into professional sports. Each athlete's schedule is accommodated with additional classes to supplement the demanding pace. 

Specialized Courses:

Healthy Active Living Education

Nutrition and Health

Introduction to Kinesiology

Recreation and Healthy Living Leadership

Personal Life Management


Stefan, Class of 2019

Stefan's basketball career has already started and his participation in the Athletics Program at Keystone compliments his academic goal. Stefan's excellent academic performance is only rivaled by his performance on the court, and because he is so well able to manage his time he will be able to pursue Engineering  at an elite university in the US or Canada.


Social Sciences & Humanities Pathway

Social Sciences & Humanities stream is about skills related to self-analysis, self-discipline, effective communication, practical knowledge and problem-solving tactics. This pathway provides students with the widest selection of programs in University. Economics, Law, Political Science, Education, History, Philosophy and Literature are some of the possible selection of programs followed by this stream. 

An education in the social sciences and humanities is probably more relevant than ever before. The Information Age is obsessed with technology, but as Steve Jobs once said "Technology is not enough".It takes a lot of people to run a company, a country, a government, a university, a city – people like marketers, writers, strategists and researchers with a variety of skills.

Specialized Courses: 

Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology

Challenge and Change in Society

Human Development Throughout the Lifespan

Philosophy: Questions and Theories

World Cultures

Equity and Social Justice

Gender Studies

Irmak, Class of 2019

Irmak has a creative mind and is an inspiring athlete. She would like to combine her creativity and her excellent discipline to take Psychology program at University of Toronto.

Mathematics & Science Pathway

The Math & Science Pathway provides an opportunity to combine logic and precision with intuition and imagination. It offers a broad range of career options. Students who want to continue their higher studies in Engineering, Architecture, Medical Sciences, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sustainable Agriculture, Environmental Studies and related programs will chose this stream to ensure required prerequisites are completed before University admittance.

Specialized Courses:

Advanced Functions

Calculus and Vectors

Mathematics of Data Management




Environmental Science

Earth and Space Science

Computer Science

Kevin, Class of 2021

Kevin has a keen interest in Computer Science and the Canadian military. He has just started his high school education and he has already started to shape his future. Kevin is currently thinking of taking Computer Science at university or at the Royal Military College of Canada.

Arts & Design Pathway

Visual and applied arts is applicable in almost any position; the key is to find a niche. We encourage our students to find new and exciting ways in which they can apply their creativity. The talent they bring to our school is developed, encouraged and nurtured.  

Specialized Courses:

Writer's Craft

Graphic Design

Visual Art


Game Design

The World of Fashion